Crack in a bottle called Sex(My recent activity&pics)

Here comes Autumn.

Not again,fierce heat have made me wear out for weeks last month,been sweating so much every day...but it's useless to sweat without training,no losing weight...anyway,i've felt like putting myself through the hell.

with new Vaio(,I've hence kept working on my next henatai stuff indoors for summer...

Recently i've seen ones who are cursed by some devil,and who's called Dough.It will make you go mad at megalomaniac nightmare,and which will be hideous sinner to desecrate the world of "Art" robs us blind and should be up to no good.

Money is dick&shit,and I've also sometimes dreamed of my grabbing pile of dough.but what bonanza will it create?The richer i'd become,the better I could sing?NOPE,It ain't makes any matter how much I've earned but how amazing I perform as hentai musician...!

Maybe your wife already has gone only scrooge to snatch your gold bars?:D

Now i'd wanna be hooked up with some steady,but it's impossible to come right out.because she's now having its end,also should i say farewell my bollocks?anyway I might not formally get married with some female for life...for been sitting on the fence called Sex...Dudes,please tell me what on earth the real Bonanza should be like?

BTW,I've performed some Japanimation's opening theme "Lupin the third part3",here is it(it's not bad i guess...feel like singing in "way to way to");

And new song Lady ready boy's instrument is also here;

and also my recent proverbial hot pics,you can dig it!